53 Years Ago: Pedro Rodríguez Closed Old Spa with His Last F1 Victory


June 7, 1970, is a date deeply ingrained in the memory of Formula 1 fans, not only because it marked the end of an era with the last race at the old Spa circuit, but also because it was the setting for the final victory of Mexican driver Pedro Rodríguez and the last triumph for Dunlop tires.

On that day, Rodríguez, known as "The Boy in White Gloves," drove his BRM to victory on one of the most challenging circuits in the history of F1. The old Spa, with its 14 km length and dizzying ups and downs, was renowned for testing both the skill of drivers and the endurance of vehicles.

In addition to Rodríguez's skill, another factor that played a significant role in his victory was his choice of tires. At the time, Dunlop tires were a popular choice among F1 teams, and it proved to be the perfect choice for Rodríguez on that rainy day. Despite the difficult weather conditions, Rodríguez managed to control his car and cross the finish line in first place.

This victory became the last for Dunlop in F1, and it also marked the last time Rodríguez would stand atop the podium. Although his career was cut short by a tragic accident in 1971, Rodríguez is remembered as one of the greatest drivers of his generation and an icon of motorsport in Mexico.

Today, 53 years later, we honor Pedro Rodríguez and remember his final triumph. His ability to overcome challenges and his bravery on the track are a source of inspiration for new generations of drivers. His victory at Spa and his legacy in F1 continue to live on in the hearts of motorsport fans worldwide.

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