Interviews GP español 2023


Esteban Ocon from Alpine shared his excitement about racing in Spain, a country he feels connected to due to his family heritage. He reflected on his recent success in Monaco, where he achieved a third place, and expressed his satisfaction for returning to the podium on his own merit. Ocon also showed enthusiasm for testing his car after the latest upgrades at the well-known Barcelona circuit.

Zhou Guanyu from Alfa Romeo recently celebrated his 24th birthday. Although his celebration was low-key due to the back-to-back races, he is optimistic about the upcoming Spanish GP. Guanyu commented that while his team had a filming day in Barcelona before the season, he expects the advantage to be minimal, as all drivers are very familiar with the track. He stated his preference for high-speed circuits over slow, technical ones, like Monaco, and hopes that this will be reflected in his results in Spain.

Max Verstappen from Red Bull remained realistic despite his team's impressive performance so far this season. Red Bull has won all six Grands Prix this season, with Verstappen taking four of them. However, Verstappen insists that despite their current speed and performance, there are always unforeseen factors that can affect the results, including mistakes, retirements, and bad luck.

Finally, George Russell from Mercedes expressed his hope that his team can compete with Red Bull at some point in the season. Despite Red Bull's current advantage, Mercedes hopes to gain a better understanding of their new upgrades on the W14 this weekend in Barcelona. Russell reflected on the trend of dominance in F1 and expressed his desire to see multiple drivers and teams fighting for the championship.

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