Sergio Pérez, also known as "Checo," shared details about his relationship with Max Verstappen in the Red Bull Formula 1 team.


Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen completed their third year as teammates at Red Bull Racing in 2023, which turned out to be the team's most successful season with 21 victories in 22 contested Grand Prix races.

The championship kicked off with both drivers battling head-to-head in the early races before the Dutch driver pulled away in the competition, heading towards a comfortable early coronation to secure his third Formula 1 World Championship title.

Amidst Verstappen's dominance, the year between the two drivers unfolded without internal issues, in contrast to the heated conclusion of 2022. In that year, controversy arose at the Brazilian Grand Prix, the penultimate race of the season, when Verstappen refused to assist "Checo" Pérez in his fight for the runner-up position against Charles Leclerc.

Pérez was asked on the occasion of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix about how the dynamic with Verstappen had been throughout the year. He responded, "I think it's been a good year. I think our relationship is really good. When we're in all those technical meetings through so many races, I think it's been good. And we've been pushing sometimes in different directions, but at the same time, we've been strongly asking for the same things. That has also been positive for the team."

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