NASCAR Mexico makes history with the King Taco, the battle at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

The world of motorsports gears up for an unprecedented milestone as NASCAR Mexico has been invited for the first time to participate in the exhibition race set to take place at the iconic Los Angeles Coliseum on Sunday, February 4, just before the start of the 2024 season.

This iconic stadium, home to the USC Trojans, will be the stage where NASCAR Cup stars, along with prominent NASCAR Mexico drivers, will unleash their speed and skill on the track. The competition, known as "King Taco: the Battle at the Coliseum," promises intense thrills and unforgettable moments in a venue that has witnessed countless sporting events over more than 100 years.

The exhibition race at the Los Angeles Coliseum has solidified itself as a highly significant event on the calendar, previously won by illustrious names like Joey Logano and Martin Truex Jr. In 2024, a Mexican driver from NASCAR Mexico will have the opportunity to write their own chapter of glory within this historic stadium, which has hosted everything from Super Bowls to the Olympics.

Under the name "King Taco: the Battle at the Coliseum," this competition will kick off the 2024 NASCAR Mexico calendar at 2:00 pm, igniting excitement that will culminate with the Busch Light Clash at 5:00 pm at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Despite being an exhibition race, the "Battle at the Coliseum" has gained notoriety and captured the attention of NASCAR fans, especially with the prominent presence of Mexican drivers in an area where a significant number of compatriots reside.

Among the NASCAR Mexico drivers participating in this thrilling event are recognized names such as Andrés Pérez de Lara, Abraham Calderón, Regina Sirvent, the Canel’s Rubén García and Santiguo Tovar, and the potosino Víctor Barrales Jr., among others. The presence of these talented Mexican competitors promises to elevate the level of competition even further and consolidate NASCAR's relevance on the international stage.

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